Hint for Letters and Numbers<br>(1<sup>st</sup> Round)



Challenge Category Value Time
The Transmission 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round3
Two Symbols 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round1
Scandal I. 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round1
WiFi 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round1
An EaSy Challenge 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round2
Scandal II. 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round2
Dust Off 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round4
SpringPeace 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round4
Crosswords 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round3
OS do not forget 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round5
Numbers Practice Challenges0
Hash Practice Challenges0
Almost OK Practice Challenges0
The Smile of CESNET Practice Challenges0
Happy CAPTCHA 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round5
Letters and Numbers 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round1
Quartermaster 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round1
The Pixels 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round1
Naval Battle 1<sup>st</sup> (On-line) Round4